About us

SCPA GmbH is your partner for software and hardware for preparative and analytical HPLC.

The company SCPA – founded on 1. 4. 1994 under the name Software für Chromatographie und Prozess-Analytik GmbH – develops software for chromatography and the necessary hardware components. In addition, we develop both hardware and software as contract work according to customer specifications.

Our main products are the chromatography data system PrepCon for preparative and ChromStar for analytical chromatography. As accessories to our chromatography software packages we offer high resolution analog to digital converters, these are available with Ethernet or USB connection. We also manufacture a range of control interfaces that allow ChromStar or PrepCon to control chromatography components from different manufacturers. In addition, we offer a range of additional programs for special evaluations or instrument control. Both software and hardware are also developed according to customer specifications.

The SCPA product range is complemented by our own chromatography components such as the eluent heater for preheating solvents in HPLC systems, our own pressure transducer or the repetitive sampler for preparative applications.

Our software products allow the control of HPLC components from different manufacturers. We are happy to support you in putting together the right system for your needs and offer complete solutions consisting of our own products and components from our partner companies.

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The company SCPA Ltd. is certified according to the quality management standard ISO 9001:2015.