AD Converter

The Ethernetbox LC 421N is an analog digital converter for recording 2 or up to 4 analog signals with a chromatography software like Chromstar, PrepCon, PurityChrom or LaboChrom. In addition, 2 start inputs can be used and further up to 8 digital inputs and outputs can be used as event box. Also the control of another device (pump, detector etc.) is possible via RS-232 interface.

Integrating converters with a resolution corresponding to a data width of approx. 30 bits ensure that chromatograms are recorded with the highest precision.

Number of AD converter channels2 or 4
Measurement range-1,3 – +10 V, -2,5 – +2,5V, other ranges on request
Digital inputs4 + 2 Start inputs
Voltage range digital inputs0 to+5V
Digital outputs4
Maximum switching power digital outputs40V / 500mA
Power consumptionMax. 2,5W
Power supply5 V DC