PrepCon 6 Release 2

The next version of PrepCon 6 is now available. Besides bug fixes, there are many smaller and bigger innovations.

Here are some highlights:

  • Stacked Injection: PrepCon 6 now supports stacked injection. A compatible autosampler is required.
  • DAD: PrepCon 6 now supports diode array detectors. Continuous spectrum acquisition and display as well as a Density View are now available.
  • PID controller: A software module for PID control of pumps, for example.
  • Online Custom Annotation: Users can add their own annotations to the current run at runtime.
  • Signing and validating methods: Methods can now be signed and validated.
  • Remote File System: PrepCon 6 can now store all data centrally in a database. This makes it easier to work with data (methods, result files) on different computers. (Paid license extension required for existing systems.)

In addition, more devices from different manufacturers are supported.

An update from Release 1 to Release 2 is possible free of charge.