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Analytical Chromatography

Acquisition, recording and analysis of chromatographic data as well as controlling the different components of an HPLC system are typical tasks in analytical chromatography. In order to gain more information on the analysed substances diode array detectors are being used.

SCPA develops and sells the chromatography data system ChromStar, which meets all demands made on a modern data acquisition and analysis tool. Control interfaces are available for most HPLC components on the market (see list of controllable devices). A high number of interfaces is available, so almost all LC components on the market such as pumps, motor valves, autosamplers, detectors, fraction collectors or column ovens can be controlled in various combinations. High resolution A/D converters are used for the data acquisition. SCPA offers also complete HPLC systems with combinations of components adjusted to customers specifications and provides installation, training and service.